Glossier Product Review

It’s now been around three months since lockdown started here in the UK. During this time I decided on a complete skincare overhaul. I’ve used a couple of Glossier products before, so I decided on a bit of a spurge and purchased several of their bestsellers, including moisturisers, cleanser and serums.

My skin has never been great. I have sensitive skin, dry but with an oily t-zone. On top of this I suffer from eczema. This means I have to be careful with what I put on my face, as I’ve had bad reactions to some products in the past. Having used Glossier before, I felt comfortable trying some more of their facial skincare. I’ve been using these products for just over a month, so here’s how I’ve got on with them so far.

Milky Jelly Cleanser (£15 for full size, £8 for mini)

This is one of Glossier’s bestselling and top-rated products, and I can see why. I’ve been using the cleanser morning and night and can honestly say I’ve never used anything like it before. It did take a bit of getting used to, as it’s a bit thicker than other cleansers I’ve tried, and it doesn’t foam up. But what it does do is leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed, and does so without drying my skin out, which for me is the biggest benefit. Milky Jelly Cleanser can also be used to remove makeup, but I haven’t really worn any since starting to use the product, so I can’t speak for the results of using it for that purpose. Overall, really like this product and would repurchase. 8/10

Super Glow Vitamin C Serum (£24)

We’ve all heard about the benefits of using products containing vitamin c in our skincare routines, so I thought I would give this glow-boosting serum a try. And I’m so glad I did, this product is amazing and definitely my favourite out of everything I got. I’m always a bit skeptical about products that claim to leave your skin ‘glowing’, and I’ve tried a fair few and never been too impressed with the results. But I can really say I’ve noticed a difference since using this, and even my boyfriend commented on my skin looking more glowy, which I think is definitive proof that this works! I use this serum daily after cleansing. It doesn’t take too long to dry and feels nice, leaving my face feeling soft. This product is a wee bit on the pricey side, but given how little you need to use and the brilliant results I’ve had, I think it’s worth it and will definitely be repurchasing. 10/10

Priming Moisturiser (£18)

Having a good moisturiser is really important for me. Because of my combination skin, I need one that’s hydrating but not too greasy. I’m got mixed feelings about this product. There are a few benefits – it does feel good on my skin, is very hydrating and is buildable for more/less coverage as needed. However, for me it is every so slightly on the greasy side and leaves my t-zone looking a bit shiny. It’s not too big a problem just now, as being furloughed I’m basically at home most of the time. But I’m not sure how my face would look after an 8 hour shift when I’m at work. One thing I will say is that some of the reviews on the Glossier website say this product made them breakout and/or have a bad reaction, but this isn’t something I experienced. Overall not a bad product, but given the price and my mixed feelings about it, I’m not sure I’ll be repurchasing. 5/10

Invisible Shield (£20)

This daily facial sunscreen is lightweight and smells really nice (like lemons!), and provides good coverage with SPF 30. I’ve found it difficult to find a facial sunscreen with good SPF coverage and that’s not too thick/greasy, so this is nice for everyday wear. As I live in Scotland, I don’t see too much sun, but on the few sunny days we’ve had this month it seems to have worked well (usually my nose burns in less than 5 minutes in the sun). It is quite expensive for a 30ml bottle, which is why I’ve rated it a bit lower, so I’m not sure I’ll repurchase as I’d rather shop around a bit for something a bit more value for money. 6/10

Solution (£19)

Another one of glossier’s bestsellers, and another one of my favourites! It’s a chemical exfoliator ‘skin perfector’, I use this every night after cleansing with Milky Jelly. I’ve tried to use chemical exfoliators before, but all of them have reacted badly with my skin and left me with red, blotchy patches and/or breakouts. But I’ve had no problems at all using this. My skin looks brighter and more even, and the pores around my nose have minimised. For a 130ml bottle, I think this is a good value product and one I will be buying again. 9/10 (I knocked a point off because I had a patch of eczema on my hand that some of the product got on to and it burned like hell! So be careful with any dry patches)

Priming Moisturiser Rich (£29)

This is a nice and thick, super-moisturising cream. I use this at night after Milky Jelly and Solution and I really like it! My dry skin means that when I wake up in the morning my face often feels tight and dry, even when using a night moisturiser, but so far I haven’t experienced that using this product. Because it is a rich moisturiser, I would definitely not be able to use this during the day, unless my skin is having a particular dry day and I’m not planning on leaving the house! But that’s not really a problem, as I didn’t buy this with the intention of using it as a daytime moisturiser. There is a slight scent, but nothing I would say is too overpowering. Likely to repurchase. 8/10

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack (£18)

Face masks are another product which sometimes cause problems for my sensitive skin, but so far so good with this one! I’ve been using once a week to refresh my skin, and I’m pretty happy with the results. The mask leaves my skin feeling and looking great. I’ll probably buy this again too. 7/10

Balm Dotcom (£10)

Usually I wouldn’t spend this much on a lip balm, but I really love this! I’ve gone through a few of these, this time I chose the cherry flavour which has a very slight red tint. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this product. You only need to use the tiniest amount each time you apply, and I find the moisturising effect lasts hours at a time. Love, love, love this and 100% will repurchase. 10/10

My three favourites!

So that’s everything from my latest Glossier haul! I replaced almost all my skincare items with Glossier products, and to be honest, I don’t regret it! My skin is looking a lot better – it’s brighter, clearer and I’ve not suffered any major breakouts since I started using all these products together. There are a couple of things I’m not likely to buy again, mainly because I don’t find them to be good value for money and I know I can find something cheaper that works better for my skin. But there are a few products which will definitely be remaining part of my skin care routine.

Have you tried any Glossier products? What are your favourites? Or what skincare brands can you not live without? I’m always on the lookout for new products to try, so let me know in the comments!